Little Boxes

I have a short morning commute (for which I am grateful) and a short Spotify playlist to go with it: Pete Seeger's version of Little Boxes, RHCP'sSnow [Hey Oh!], and U2's It's a Beautiful Day.  Not very creative, but we're not here to critique my DJing skills, we're here to talk about Little Boxes.

I initially chose it to comfort me in my chaotic life, because it makes "normal" sound so banal and unappealing. I may have a life of complexity, pain, love, and surprises; but it sure beats the ticky-tacky conveyor belt. On a strong day, I listen to Pete and embrace the weird and wonderful full catastrophe of my life.

At the moment, with my energy down and the catastrophe in full swing, the song struck a more wistful resonance. Wouldn't it be lovely to lie on a

chaise longue

waving languidly from the parade float of the 1950s American Dream? Sunny so-Cal and perfect pastel tract houses. Golf,  martinis, summer camp and university. No cancer, no side effects, no teenagers, no college applications! That's so bad?

A strong folk song that supports me either way.

Jeff's Rule #1

Squalls and PSYWAR